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wireline services

Clients entrust us with expert, high-quality, and timely engineering solutions in both traditional and wireless telecommunications. We collaborate with major RBOC/ILEC/CLEC entities nationwide, leveraging decades of industry knowledge and innovative processes for consistent success.

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Precise solutions that empower our clients

Within our field of competitors, Mountain Ltd stands out for its turnkey services, specializing in planning, fielding, design, drafting, permitting and inspection. We meticulously tailor solutions to address unique client needs, managing the entire process from initial site assessments.

Our experienced team ensures efficient project management, adhering to timelines and budgets while delivering reliable, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure.

Mountain Ltd, offers complete engineering services spanning from project conception to fully permitted and ready for construction, covering both the ISP and OSP landscape.  Some of these functions include detailed design engineering, field walkout and data collection, strand mapping, existing records validation, hybrid network design, fixed wireless design, site acquisition and detailed architecture and engineering design.  Our services can be tailored to meet business as usual (BAU), network reinforcement/augmentation, network expansion (CAF, RDOF, BEAD), wireless expansion and upgrade.

Mountain Ltd. offers telecommunications engineering consulting, providing strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is high-level planning, modeling, comparative analysis, or process documentation, our experienced team can guide you through every stage, from initial design to capacity planning, ensuring alignment with your business objectives and positioning you for success in the dynamic telecom landscape. Partner with us to leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies, empowering your organization to stay ahead and thrive amidst evolving industry challenges.

We carry out comprehensive field and pole surveys and inspections across the United States. These are run through all major Pole Load Analysis Platforms and can be stamped by an in-house PE when required. Additionally, we partner with local utilities to provide one-touch services for attachment requests. We utilize the latest technologies in field surveying, audit work, pole audits, and any outside work that involves boots on the ground. We incorporate the latest radar and laser technologies via handheld devices to ensure standardization and accuracy, securing the safety of our field employees while increasing the speed of our services.

We have teams of experienced CAD technicians providing advanced drafting support to our clients across the nation. We utilize standard AutoCAD and Bentley programs, in addition to various proprietary systems required by our clients. Through partnership agreements with companies like MAPCOM, we can complete mapping and CAD services with programs that require geospatial capabilities.

Our services encompass the use of AutoCAD, ESRI ArcMap, IQ Geo, 3GIS, QGIS, and proprietary provider applications.

Mountain Ltd. specializes in telecom and wireless staffing solutions, offering flexible services tailored to your needs, whether for short-term projects or ongoing assignments. With a diverse team of professionals and a vast network of skilled individuals, we excel in swiftly filling challenging positions that align with your organizational culture. Our specialized recruitment team ensures seamless onboarding of top talent, while our nationwide W-2 payroll services cover comprehensive compliance processes, from background checks to tax withholdings and filings, allowing you to focus on achieving your business objectives confidently.

Our affiliate, Mountain Ltd. Engineering, boasts a team of nationally licensed Structural Engineers, offering comprehensive services to major telecommunications companies across the country. Our expertise covers load analysis for various structures, including towers, rooftops, water towers, antenna mounts, and transmission poles, along with reinforcement upgrade design for overstressed towers and monopoles. Additionally, we provide rooftop and tower mapping reports, equipment platform design, and foundation design services, ensuring robust coverage and meeting the demands of the largest carriers with precision and reliability.