Our Legacy

Pioneering the
telecom landscape.

our legacy

Founded in 1979 by Joseph “Joe” Hosmer, Mountain Ltd. is an established leader in the telecommunications engineering industry. Joe’s journey began on the coast of Maine, where he worked at his father’s small telecom company. When his father sold his companies, Joe began traveling to other countries to complete engineering projects, which ignited a love for adventure.

our legacy

His work took him from the heart of Africa, to Belize, and through dense jungle terrain in Panama. Joe also ran a mountaineering and photography business called Mountain Ltd. and decided to extend this name to his telecom engineering services company. In 2006, Joe and his wife Sandy decided to embark on a new adventure themselves—retirement.

As we evolve, the vision and mission remain the same.

In 2013, the Mountain Ltd. legacy lives on as it became a System One division. This strategic move has enabled our company to expand and take on new opportunities, reaching even greater heights. As a System One division, Mountain Ltd. continues to build on its rich legacy of expertise, innovation, and passion for adventure.

mountain ltd team

We are committed to delivering top-notch telecommunications solutions while embracing the spirit of exploration that has been at the core of our identity since our inception in 1979.

Join us as we carve new paths in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications.