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We address the growing bandwidth demands driven by mobile technology development. Our strong affiliations with tower companies create valuable site acquisition opportunities. With nearly 40 years of experience, we comprehend the dynamic needs of wireless telecommunications.

Areas of Expertise


quick scalability for national or rural projects

In the past 5 years, we have successfully delivered thousands of wireless co-located sites, new site builds, small cells, and modifications, supporting prominent deployments for the world’s largest networks.

Mountain Ltd.’s site acquisition process includes strategically aligning dedicated leasing and permitting specialists with our client’s regional project management staff to ensure efficiency and leverage our strong relationships. Through local resource pooling, our market experts handle search area analysis, lease negotiations, zoning permits hearings, and building permits, facilitating favorable terms, low construction cost, and regulatory compliance. From analysis to final permit received, our services provide a streamlined pathway for your wireless project needs.

Mountain Ltd. offers comprehensive A&E (Architectural and Engineering) services nationwide, providing full turnkey support from design inception to final construction drawings. Our services include site walk, civil site plan design, and preparing zoning and construction drawings per the local jurisdiction’s building codes and design requirements. Our value engineered designs provide low cost construction solutions across all projects.

Our affiliate Mountain Ltd. Engineering boasts a team of national licensed Structural Engineers, offering comprehensive services to major telecommunications companies across the country. Our expertise covers load analysis for various structures including towers, rooftops, water towers, antenna mounts, and transmission poles, along with reinforcement upgrade design for overstressed towers and monopoles. Additionally, we provide rooftop and tower mapping reports, equipment platform design, and foundation design services, ensuring robust coverage and meeting the demands of the largest carriers with precision and reliability.

Mountain Ltd. provides comprehensive fielding services tailored to wireless telecommunications engineering needs. Our services include site audits, tower audits, geotechnical investigations, boundary surveys, 1A surveys, photo simulations, and utility coordination. With our expertise, we ensure seamless implementation and optimization of wireless infrastructure projects.

Mountain Ltd. offers environmental compliance services, covering NEPA, SHPO Section 106 review, and Phase I assessments. Our services encompass thorough research, fielding, and regulatory permitting, ensuring comprehensive support for your environmental compliance needs.

Mountain Ltd. specializes in managing FAA and FCC notification filings and licensing applications, skillfully navigating the complexities of submission and monitoring on behalf of our clients. Our expertise ensures a streamlined process, mitigating the risk of unexpected delays caused by regulatory issues. Let our team guide you through this intricate process with confidence and efficiency.