MOUNTAIN, LTD.TM has supported the growth of the wireless industry since its inception and is proud now to work with nearly every major wireless carrier across the U.S., designing and installing wireless networks that impact over 80% of the wireless industry.  

Our employees are industry veterans. In fact, 90% of our employees have worked previously for either a telephone company or wireless carrier. Our deep industry experience enables us to support your internal & external organization with seasoned professionals on all levels.

You can count on MOUNTAIN to provide quality engineering services, specialized engineers and support personnel on an hourly, project, bid or unit basis for work including:

  • Surveying
  • Cell site acquisition
  • Planning and design services
  • Wireless engineering
  • Fiber optic backbone engineering and installation
  • Installation for equipment upgrades
  • Drive testing  
  • Engineering and installation for single site projects
  • Internal Support through administrative, IT, legal and customer service hires

At Mountain we understand the importance of keeping the lines of communication open. Get connected immediately with the Mountain team whether you need specialized talent or to submit your resume.