Rindi Yerxa


Sr. Pay/Bill Specialist
E-Mail: ryerxa@mountainltd.com
Rindi Yerxa discovered long ago that her name was a great conversations starter and ice breaker. Her name isn't the only thing unusual and unique about Rindi, though. Growing up in New Gloucester she was surrounded by a close-knit family; a fact that remains true even today. After graduation, Rindi spent some time working as a nanny before deciding to head to the University of West Florida. While pursing her Communications Degree, she was solicited about changing her degree several times by the Accounting Department after she took a few classes. "There was no way I was going to change my degree midway through my junior year," jokes Rindi. "At that time, I didn't realize how much I would love working with numbers."
She eventually landed in accounting when she agreed to fill a temporary opening at a tractor trailer sales company. The opening became permanent and Rindi jumped at the chance to stay realizing she was finding her niche. After touching all areas and duties of accounting in that position, Rindi started looking for work closer to home. It was the desire to reduce her commute that brought her to MOUNTAIN, LTD. where she has a starring role as Sr. Pay/Bill Specialist.
Rindi is kept very busy chasing after her young daughter who is a bundle of giggles and smiles. She also loves being outside whether it's golfing, skiing, snowmobiling or being a beach bum. Rindi travels as often as possible and is always looking for new places to go. We are glad that no matter where her travels take her, she chooses to call MOUNTAIN, LTD. home.