Matt Leavitt

Matthew Leavitt
Telecom Support Specialist

Matthew joined Team Teton at MOUNTAIN in December 2015 as a Telecom Support Specialist.  His primary responsibility to to support the telecom team with administrative tasks, job postings, social media administration and working on special projects.
Matthew enjoys the work culture here, especially the cohesiveness of the team and how everyone works together for the greater good. He says that regardless of the size or type of project, everyone is willing to help each other out.
Prior to coming to MOUNTAIN, Matthew worked for several years in the education system, helping at-risk high school students achieve their aspirations of reaching a higher education. He also spent several years in the non-profit sector working with youth that had challenges in healthcare, housing, juvenile justice and other systems of care. While he is dedicated to his role here at MOUNTAIN, Matthew runs a small web design and photography business, Waving Hand, LLC. on the side.
Matthew grew up in Millinocket, Maine and now lives in Portland. He earned his MEd in Higher Education and MFA in Intermedia from the University of Maine. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, TV, film, video and board games, roller derby, hiking, CrossFit, running, concerts, puzzles, riddles and puns!