Kiran Patel

Senior Recruiter

Kiran Patel is a Senior Recruiter and Account Manager with our Vender Management Services (VMS) Team where he manages several accounts and assists our clients in finding qualified candidates to match their needs.
Kiran believes in being the best recruiter he can be, and he says he loves every minute of his workday, helping people find the employer and job that is the right fit for them. He also really likes the other recruiters he works within “The Bullpen”, a name that fits the VMS office atmosphere where everyone pitches ideas to their colleagues, helps transition the unemployed to the employed and are all successful due to the healthy competitive environment they created.
Less than a year after joining MOUNTAIN in September of 2011, Kiran received MOUNTAIN’s  “Employee of the Month” award in August of 2012, and then later received our “Most Placements in a Year” award for 2012. He also is proud to be the Voice-Over talent for our company website video.
Kiran lives in Portland, Maine and is married with children. He enjoys taking walks in the “Old Port” area of Portland, and visiting local restaurants and ice cream shops with his family. He also enjoys doing Voice-Over for Theatrical Trailers, and says he will soon be a famous film critic!
Kiran earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine, and also earned his Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (C.T.S.) designation from the National Association of Personnel Services (N.A.P.S.).