Jeremy Muniak

Jeremy Muniak
Recruiter Associate/IT Personnel

Jeremy joined MOUNTAIN in September 2015 in the position of Recruiter for Team Teton. He provides technical and recruiting support to the telecom team, and he says enjoys being part of, and contributing to, the success of the group.
Prior to joining MOUNTAIN as a recruiter, Jeremy worked on two contract projects for us, first through our VMS Team, and second through the Teton Team.  Before these contract jobs, Jeremy worked in customer service, insurance and commission sales positions at various companies.
Jeremy grew up on the coast of Maine, had lived on Chebeague Island, and currently lives in Portland with his dog, Charlie. He has been a community leader for the Reducing Sexism and Violence Program (RSVP), and he also holds a Life and Health Insurance Producer License.
In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys outdoors recreation and sports like hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, cycling, golf and disc golf. Other interests include cooking, reading, traveling, comedy and going to music festivals.