Frank Rogers


Senior Account Manager



One of Frank’s professional references said, “No one can out service his level of customer service.” His perseverance, attention to detail and extroverted personality compliment his excellent communication skills to provide that optimum level of service.


Although Frank is new to our company, he is a familiar face with over 15 years in the telecommunications industry. Frank is active in theater, especially the local community theater, both on the Board and in performances. All three of his children are involved in theater and music: one daughter in high school, a son at the college level and his eldest is a professional actress in Boston.


Frank grew up on the campus of Indiana University because his grandparents and most of his family were connected with IU. He attended college there, majoring in Communications with strong interests in psychology and geology. Frank met his wife, Rita, on campus as well.


He is in Maine by choice, after moving here in the 70’s from Bloomington, Indiana. They made the move to Maine because Rita had a business opportunity and Frank wanted to expand his work in carpentry and attend a passive solar home building institute.


With his wife, he enjoys the lifestyle and wilds of Maine with kayaking, fly fishing and photography.