Emilio Brugueras

Project Manager
E-Mail: emiliob@mountainltd.com

Emilio graduated from Arizona State University with a BSE in Electrical Engineering.  During his college career he earned the distinction of being on the Dean's Honor List.  He is also a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.   


Upon graduation he was hired by Qwest, which was U S West Communications at the time.  During his career with Qwest Emilio held several positions which attributed to his success and landed him in his current position.  He was employed as a CSPEC Planner, OSP Planner, OSP Field Engineer and an OSP Design Engineer.  He also served as a Construction Manager.  His success in these positions led to a promotion as Engineering Manager.  As the tides of change rolled in Emilio decided to become a Contract Engineer through MOUNTAIN, LTD.  Six months later the demand for Off-Premise unit work evolved.  Thereafter, a decision was made to promote Emilio to Project Manager and handle this local Communications Account due to his familiarity with all the RBOC processes, procedures and proprietary software applications.  With Emilio in place as the Project Manager MOUNTAIN, LTD. quickly realized there was not any situation that he couldn't handle.   


His experience and diligence attributed to expanding opportunities in Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, Utah and Oregon.  His achievements with the Southwest Project Manager earned him the Employee of the Month Award.  As time progressed a need for a Southeastern RBOC Project Manager emerged when the demand for bid work increased.  Again Emilio was approached and accepted the challenge.  The ease of Emilio's adjustment to the demands of this Southeastern RBOC Company was no surprise.  Emilio's presence became evident when escalations declined.    


Emilio has proven his ability to take on any obstacle without hesitation.  If there is any Engineering issue, whether it be telecommunications or power, one can turn to Emilio. For example, he was sent to Vermont to close out an ongoing project with a local Water and Light Company.  This company provided power, water and sewer services to the local community.  The project suffered numerous roadblocks and complications leaving it without a resolution in sight.  Emilio stepped in and successfully closed the project within two months time.  Emilio's strenuous efforts preserved MOUNTAIN, LTD.'s reputation.  This was something above and beyond Emilio's scope of responsibility.  For this achievement Emilio received the Unsung Hero Award in 2008. 


When Emilio steps out of the office he enjoys spending time with his wife and children.  He enjoys snorkeling, camping, fishing, hiking, watching a good movie, vacation traveling and target practice.