Earlene Skinner

Earlene Skinner
Project Supervisor
E-Mail: eskinner@mountainltd.com

Earlene Skinner joined MOUNTAIN as a Project Supervisor in June of 2013, and is currently working in Washington State Metro Area. Her primary responsibility is working closely with our clients to ensure deliverables are on time and exceed strict quality expectations.
In 1981, Earlene earned the distinction of being the first female Outside Plant Engineer for US WEST in the Tucson, Arizona Outstate District.  She successfully managed 13 rural wire centers in central Arizona and developed models and configurations for building entrances, cable wire and service termination policy and special construction billing during US WEST’s reengineering initiative in 1996.  Earlene also worked with the regulatory department to ensure information supporting tariff filings and testimony were accurate.  She was selected to attend a recognition conference as a guest of Business and Government Services at US WEST.
Earlene encompasses the spirit of MOUNTAIN as a solutions provider, in that she loves being a problem solver, and says that removing roadblocks to the successful completion of client projects gives her a great deal of satisfaction.
Earlene is a licensed, Electrical Administrator/Telecommunications in the state of Washington.