Andy Kemmeur


Senior Recruiter

Andy’s ability to engage and guide are essential elements of his experience as a recruiter. Prior to joining MOUNTAIN’s VMS recruiting team, he developed his skills at two firms in Portland, focusing on administrative, operational and light industrial jobs. Beyond staffing, Andy is a nationally certified ski instructor. In 2004, Ski Magazine ranked Andy among the Top 100 ski instructors in North America. He transitioned to running the ‘junior pro’ program, where he inspired young people to become instructors.

His proactive and competitive nature came into play while Andy was in sales and as a licensing manager. Then, the opportunity to recruit again brought him back to staffing. Andy made his first successful placement during his first week at MOUNTAIN, LTD. 

Outdoor activities are still very much a part of Andy’s recreational life. When he and his wife aren’t ‘on the hill’, they travel extensively to camp at national parks throughout the US. When at home, Andy enjoys gardening and working on his house.